Purys printed crepe fringe kimono

Shrug - Purys printed crepe fringe kimono

This is no longer available on Sweet Couch

Kimono - Zig zag coverup

51 was   3,400

Kimono - Orange coverup

31.61 was   2,900

Kimono - Peach and blue cape

31.5 was   2,100

Ombre kimono

57.75 was   3,850

Long black kimono

57.75 was   3,850

Pineapple lace kimono

52.5 was   3,500

Long lemon kimono

41.97 was   3,850

Kimono - Tile lace coverup

38.15 was   3,500

Kimono - Paisley coverup

43.5 was   2,900

Splatter tassled kimono

27.8 was   2,550

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